Laura Eliisa

Hello there and welcome.

I am a graphic designer based in Helsinki.

Below you will find

some of my works that I’ve done so far.
Hope you enjoy them :)


Kiinteistömaailma Brand Renewal

Kiinteistömaailma is one the biggest real estate agencies in Finland. I was lucky enough to be part of the brand renewal team with our lead designer Jarkko Ojanen.

Travel Stickers & Badges for K-Market

Vintage travel sticker design with traditional Finnish landscapes. Some of the landscape elements were illustrated by Ville Granroth who kindly enough gave some to my use to design these stickers for K-Market’s summer campaign 2019.

Kesko Guidelines

I’ve been working on many guideline entities for Kesko, including K-Caara and K-Auto, K-Plussa and Kesko Brand.

K-Plussa animation

An introductional animation of K-Plussa’s identity and its structure.

Hehku Alennuskuuri

Concept, name and visual design for Hehku’s biggest yearly campaign. Hehku was Kesko’s beauty retail chain.

Kesko Grocery Export to China

I was part of the Kesko team creating these twin ads for Kesko’s opening grocery webstore in China. The posters were situated at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport international flight’s gates which had most of the departing flights to China. The illustrations were designed by our Art Director by Ville Granroth.


K-Market is Finnish grocery store chain with almost 800 store around the country. For the summer of 2018 we designed and executed four month long campaign with fresh, delicious and bright mosaic-like key visuals.

Fiskars Xact

I was part of the team assigned to create campaign concept and visuals for Fiskars’ new Xact product line.

Paulig Presidentti Speacial Blend

As a Paulig Presidentti team member I was a part of designing and producing campaign materials for the Presidentti coffee brand’s new Speacial Blend.

Curious AI Company

Complete brand renewal for Curious AI Company. Two routes with the same specs: Blue as the main colour, retroish, some kind reference to brain and/or intelligence.

Route 1

Route 2

Muotolevy Module

Muotolevy Module is company that makes multifunctional silent and private spaces for open offices. I designed the visuals for the new brand in 2015.

AUDI Summer Of Golf

AUDI Summer Of Golf is an additional magazine that is published once a year, every summer, by the biggest Finnish golf magazine, Golflehti.

Typographic Poster

My typographic poster design of Herb Lubalin’s font Slab Serif.

FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, Lahti

Created a poster using FIS 2017 brand elements and pictograms of my own design.

Logo Design (slideshow)

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